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4. Water Rescue Life Rings and Slings

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Lifesaving Ring Buoys

Constructed of soft urethane foam with vinyl coated nylon skin. Patented rope nuts provide secure anchor points for attached grab rope. Available in 20", 24", and 30"




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Lifesaving Ring Buoy Covers

Protect your life ring buoy from the damaging effects of Ultra-Violet light. Cover features elastic cord for snug fit. 24" ring model RFD7A. 30" ring model RFD7B

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Lifesaving Ring with Rope

Keep ring buoy with rope rescue-ready. Ring attached rope deploys tangle-free from bag. Weather resistant bag protects rope from Solar UV damage. 20", 24" 30" w/60' or 90'




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24" Plastic Lifesaving Ring

Molded from tough polyurethane plastic, this heavy duty buoy resists common chemicals, marine oils, and UV rays. Encircling rope is replaceable. USCG Approved Type IV.



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30" Plastic Lifesaving Ring

Industrial ring buoy. Molded from tough polyurethane plastic. This heavy duty buoy resists common chemicals, marine oils, and UV rays.



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Plastic Lifesaving Ring, Reflective

Molded from tough polyurethane plastic, this heavy-duty buoy includes SOLAS grade reflective tape for improved detection. USCG Approved Type IV & SOLAS 74/83

S030REF           30”


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The Inflatable Man Overboard Ring

The Man Overboard Life Ring throws like a baseball. Inflates automatically in less than 5 seconds. Reusable CO2 device. Break away storage pouch.



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Life Ring Buoy Bracket

Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel bracket holds buoys to 3-1/2" thick. Requires 2 1/4" flathead screws (not included).



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3 Arm Life Ring Bracket, Aluminum

OSHA Regs. require a throw ring every 200'. Heavy-duty three-arm aluminum bracket. Ideal for mounting on pier piling or stanchion. Available in 24" or 30"


24" Bracket


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3 Arm Life Ring Bracket, Stainless

Features heavy duty welded stainless steel construction throughout for a life-time of maintenance-free use. Available in three sizes with pre-drilled holes for mounting.


24" Bracket


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Lifesaving Ring Cabinet

Totally enclose a 24" or 30" life ring. Constructed of white plastic housing and unbreakable polycarbonate window with stainless steel hinge and fittings.


24" Ring


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Cabinet with Life Ring and Rope

Includes cabinet with 24" or 30" White Life Ring, 60 ft. tether line and lemon foot anchor, all mounted inside cabinet and shipped as a single unit.

RFD25a          24" model








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Man Overboard Hoist Adapter

Hoist person hand-over-hand from water. Large opened, rubber covered grab handles facilitate firm grip while hoisting. Add extra 6' adapters for increased hoisting height.










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Cold Water Rescue Sling

The Cold Water Rescue Sling is used when hoisting recovery height exceeds five feet. Adjustable hook and loop fastener provides victim security without chest compression.



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Recovery Net

A recovery net for horizontal body retrieval. Includes stainless attachment hardware for mounting. Dimensions: 7' x 6'.