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15. The Offshore Nearshore Lifejackets

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Stearns Cold Water Immersion Suits

S590a (Small & Universal)


S590c Cold Water Immersion Suit, Size Child
S590a Cold Water Immersion Suit, Size Adult Small & Universal
S590os Cold Water Immersion Suit, Size Oversized Adult
S590 MED Cold Water Immersion Suit, Without Infltbl.Head Support
S590 LFS Cold Water Immersion Suit w/Lifting Harness, Size Universal

Please specify Item number and price when ordering.
Sizes: Child’s-44 to 100 lbs. (20-50 kg.), 39”-59” (99-150 cm.) tall.
Small Adult-110 to 250 lbs. (50-114 kg.), 58” to 68” (147-173 cm.) tall.
Adult Universal-110 to 330 lbs. (50-150 kg.), 59” to 75” (150-190 cm.) tall.
Adult Oversized-220 to 375 lbs. (100-175 kg.), over 75” in height (190 cm.).

Stearns I 590 or I 590 LFS Cold Water Immersion Suit (Gumby Suit) is designed as
a cold water abandon-ship suit that exceeds specifications for hypothermia
protection. Worn over normal clothing, this dry suit features a face seal and flap,
attached five fingered gloves, and boots. Includes waterproof zipper and neoprene
pocket for rescue light
. SOLAS-grade reflective panels front and back. Designed
for quick-donning (within one minute)
. Attached SOLAS whistle. I 590 LFS
includes a lifting harness and buddy line. Oral-inflated pillow attached. Attached
neoprene ankle and wrist straps
Color: International Orange
Design Buoyancy: 30 lbs. Maximum Buoyancy:50 lbs.
Approvals: USCG Approved and complies with SOLAS 74/83. plus 13 additional

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